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How Are Fractional Jet Cards Used?

Many people would love to fly on private jets, but it is very expensive to do so. Instead, they opt for fractional jet cards. This is a very popular way of being able to enjoy all the benefits of a private airplane. People with a jet card are given access to a several hours of flying time, generally between twenty and fifty hours. These cards have become so popular that almost all on-demand charters now offer them. They have opened the door for all sorts of travelers to enjoy a private jet. A fractional owner is someone who knows what the advantages of flying private jets are, but doesn't want the financial obligation of a lengthy contract that they may not use all the time.
So how exactly does this work? Basically, you set up a jet card in such a way that they are actually a sublease of a fractional jet share. A person is able to buy a set amount of prepaid hours of what is known as occupied flight time. The options vary from one provider to the other, but they generally are between 20 and 35 hours. There are also a number of options on the types of aircraft that are available to charter. It is possible for someone with a jet card to have a plane available around the clock offering on-demand charters.
Most, however, have some restrictions on when you can actually fly. For example, a lot of jet card providers will allow people to choose a 325 or a 355 day options. The other 10 to 40 days of the year are generally the most popular travel days, and those with a card have restrictions on travelling on those days. Every time you fly, the actual flight hours are then removed from the amount that is on your card, which is at a pre agreed rate for different types of planes.
There are a number of companies that offer jet cards. Companies out there specialize specifically in offering jet cards. Other options that companies offer are special because if any flight hours have not been used up at the end of a set period, they can turn into shares in the company. For someone who is in need of or flies several times a month, a jet card would be a valuable option to look into. The best place to start your search would be online so you can check out all the company has to offer and then go with the best choice for your situation.

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Fix Stress Quickly And Easily

Worry seems to be normal. At least worry seems to be normal if you class normal as what most people do. Natural is not the same as normal and worry is not natural. It's not natural because worry is something we learn to do.

As tiny humans we are 'engineered' to learn rapidly by observing and emulating those around us. This is a survival trait. The sooner we learn what's safe in our world; the sooner we learn what to steer clear of in our world; the greater our chances of survival.

What we observe most adults do is worry.

Now watch the news.

There must be a channel with news on. Go and watch it for 30 minutes.

Now tell me there is nothing in the world to be concerned about.

Are there crazy gunmen randomly killing people? Do tsunamis, earthquakes, and volcanoes wipe out the lives of thousands as if they were of no more value than the ant you probably accidentally squished when you were out yesterday? Are the finances of your country in a total shambles with meltdown, and the devaluing of all your hard earned savings and investments, just around the corner? Are jobs scarce, difficult to get and harder to hang on to? Do you now know how many million unemployed there are, and just how serious this is - for you? Do you know now just how bad the weather is (again?) this year and the adverse affect it's going to have on crop yields and food prices? Do you know where all the floods and droughts are? Are you fully clued up on all the infidelities and dishonesties of your favourite politicians?

And talking of politicians - do you know how the war is going? There's always a war, politicians arrange wars to provide an external distraction from the internal problems they are not dealing with and don't really want you to pay too much attention to.

Go pick up your daily paper.

Isn't it full of the same stuff?

There is plenty to worry about. But, most of it is brought to you from outside agencies. Consider for a moment that you are away on holiday, perhaps in some isolated place, maybe camping away from people; maybe somewhere quiet and peaceful with a nice beach where you can just relax, read a good book and generally chill out. This is a holiday where you've left your phone at home. Now who would do such a crazy thing as that- I mean what if the world couldn't go on without me? What if something bad happened and no one could let me know? You've also decided that the only reading you are going to do is enjoyable books, and you've come to a place with no tv, and no internet.

It sounds like Hell I know. No TV, no papers, no phone, no Facebook, just sunshine, sea and sand, or maybe trees, lakes, open spaces, beautiful mountains, and amazing wildlife.

Could you survive this hell for a couple of weeks?

The truth is the world does what the world does and it does it whether you are paying attention or not. Worrying about volcanoes, earthquakes, and other tragic events, doesn't stop them doing what they do. If there is a real danger then take whatever action you can to protect yourself and then forget about it. I'm not suggesting for a minute that you shouldn't take precautions, just that you should do it or not do it and then get on with your life. If you choose not to take sensible precautions then recognise that that's a choice you've made, don't keep worrying about what might happen because you've not done the sensible thing.

In my part of the world it's usual to lock up your doors and windows when you go out even though there isn't a lot of crime. It also makes sense to lock your car when you leave it. What doesn't make sense is spending the time away from home, or car, worrying about what would happen if someone broke in.

I have a simple solution to the worry problem. I don't watch news on TV. And yes that means I sometimes don't hear about disasters and serious crimes until two or three days, or maybe a week or two after they've happened. Oddly, I've found that makes absolutely no difference to me - other than my mind is freer of worry than a lot of people I know. I haven't read a newspaper regularly since 1975. I find there is so much more interesting and inspirational stuff to read that newspapers are just a waste of my mindtime.

Of course as soon as I got interested in hypnosis, for use as a therapeutic tool, I realised that newspapers are just a way to hypnotise and control the masses.

No I'm not a conspiracy nut, but when you step back from this stuff you can see what's going on. While it's important to you and you are in the middle of it, you will defend it against criticism.

I value my own opinion. Newspapers tell you your opinion.

So, if you haven't guessed it already, the first step on the way to fix stress quickly and easily is to try out an experiment.

For just one 24 hour period, watch something more fun than the news, and read something more interesting than a newspaper.

And see what happens.

It's just a day. Anyone, no matter how addicted, can survive a day without the negative input of TV news and newspapers. Yes you may miss the world's biggest disaster and have no idea what's going on when everyone else is talking about it, but then if it isn't in your immediate neck of the woods isn't it just voyeuristic anyway?

If there's a serious problem in the world, then if you can take action to help - take action; if you can't then forget about it. Your thinking or worrying or stressing about it all day will not change one tiny aspect of what's going on.

The only place true freedom exists is within your own mind.

You cannot experience that freedom while your emotional state is being manipulated by others.

Take that first step towards Freedom and give yourself a taste - just for a day.

Rabu, 08 Februari 2012

How To Streamline Your Morning Routine To Reduce Morning Stress

A broken morning routine makes for a stressful day. As we plow through our unfit process, chaos manifests making us anxious, irritable, and late. The way to manage the stress that comes with the morning routine is to fix the routine.

The best way to fix the morning routine is to break it down into its component parts and look at ways to streamline each part individually. The absolute necessary components include waking up, eating breakfast (some view this as nonessential but should not), for many drinking coffee, morning hygiene, getting dressed, and commuting to work. Believe it or not, there are ways to make each of these components more efficient and stress free. So let's take a look at them individually.

Step one is waking up. For most of us it's stressful. Without an optimal amount of sleep, we frequently awaken to an obnoxious alarm feeling tired and immediately stressed. The key to managing this step is managing your sleep. Make every effort to stick to a consistent time for "lights out" as good sleep thrives on consistency. Try to limit ingestion of caffeine containing beverages and foods after about three in the afternoon. This includes most sodas and also chocolate. Try limiting exposure to bright light after supper. Dimmer switches on lights are excellent. Lastly, try to limit television watching and electronics use prior to bedtime. There are also some sleep management devices available that wake you at the optimum time in your sleep cycle to wake you feeling more refreshed. Try to select an alarm tone that is less obnoxious but still wakes you up in the morning.

The next step is breakfast. The problem with breakfast is that the preparation and cleanup can be both time-consuming and stressful. The worst option is skipping breakfast entirely which can lead to low energy and fatigue later in the morning. Some great options for a quick, healthy, and low cleanup breakfast include breakfast bars, yogurt cups, and various breakfast drinks. You want to go for high protein and low sugar, so if you go with the breakfast bar, you may want to also down a big glass of skim milk with it. I find that the perfect option is a sustained release protein powder mixed with water in a shaker cup. Whatever you choose, it is best to decide the night before rather than obsessing over it in the morning. If you're a coffee drinker, then get your coffee maker ready to go the night before as well. Even better, get a coffee maker that you can program to start prior to your waking up in the morning.

When it comes to morning hygiene, many are simply going to take as long as they are going to take. However, there are some things that you can do to streamline the process. The key is to really take a look at your process and decide if there is anything that you can skip or if there is a way to order things for more efficiency. For example, before getting in the shower you can lay out everything that will be needed after the shower (maybe while the water is warming up). This includes things like combs, toothpaste, floss, aftershave, mouthwash, etc. As far as the shower itself goes, lots of time can be saved by obtaining a fog free mirror and shaving in the shower. There are also some great products for men that are shampoo, body wash, and shaving lather all in one. If you need to take your time in the shower then certainly do so, but just be sure to factor this in to your required prep time each morning.

One of the biggest time and stress savers can come from choosing and laying out your clothes before bed at night. Simply not having to think about the choice in the morning is huge for stress reduction. When you factor in the time savings from just one episode of not having to dig through three separate drawers for that particular pair of socks that you've gotta have, this one is simply a no brainer. So just get in the habit of doing it. You won't be sorry.

The daily commute represents a significant portion of the morning routine in terms of both time and stress. The best way to manage the stress associated with it is to have a firm knowledge of how long it takes when done in a relaxed state. However, it is not enough to just have a solid knowledge of this duration. The commuter must leave the house at a time that factors in this typical duration. One of the best ways to accomplish this with the least amount of stress is to use a countdown timer. That way you have a real number for how much time you have left rather than having to continually calculate it. There are some very elegant iPhone apps that do all of this and more.

In summary, some easy fine tuning to the morning routine can significantly reduce morning stress. Starting the day with less stress is good for your health. So what have you got to lose?

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What You Do Not Know About General Anxiety Disorder

General anxiety disorder may sound familiar to many people and may be defined easily from the name itself; however, understanding the nature of this ailment can be complicated mainly due to the different causes, symptoms and treatments involved.

Symptoms and Manifestations

Those who have this disorder may experience debilitating anxiousness or worry over the simplest things and may prevent them from performing even the simplest of daily tasks. It can even lead an individual to a point where their anxiety has physical manifestations such as overly sweaty palms, uneasiness, and shortness of breath, exhaustion, headaches, tremors and vomiting.

General anxiety disorder is considered serious because it can be triggered by mundane and simple things. Instances or events that necessitate decision-making can trigger panic attacks and anxiety. Thoughts of the future are more focused on negative outcomes which can result to extreme worrying.

Possible causes and challenges of this disorder

The causes of General anxiety disorder are not yet clearly known, but there are studies that show a link to the genetic makeup of a person. The major causes looked at are stress and typical stressful situations that can worsen the disorder because of the need to make decisions, hence, stimulating the "fight or flight" hormones in the body.

According to health experts, it may be caused by imbalanced brain chemicals or neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine. The condition is also associated with health problems such as gastroesophageal reflux disease, heart disease, menopause, and thyroid problems.

An individual suffering from this disorder will find it difficult to find jobs that can properly accommodate their medical condition. Many others will find it challenging to work with a person who has this problem and who might breakdown without warning in almost any situation.

Management and Treatment

If you are suffering from this disorder or any of its signs for more than a few month now, it is highly recommended that you start looking for treatments for this condition. There are many self-help books and methods featured online that offer management techniques, but they may not all really eliminate the disorder. These methods may include relaxation techniques, and thinking of happy places, which you can totally do all by yourself.

A lot of people have found effective solutions to their general anxiety disorder through techniques given to them by a doctor or a counsellor. When used correctly, there is no reason why some simple self-help techniques cannot stop an attack in its tracks, and often within minutes.

How to Find the Best Solution

There are many methods out there, but the key to the solution is understanding the roots of your anxiety. Find a technique that acknowledges your individual issues, and the root cause of your anxiety. This is the first step in helping you overcome the problem. Medicines and therapy may have some effect; however, they can be extremely expensive, so look for techniques that use natural ways to aid you in breaking away from the cycle of panic, fear and worrying.

Always remember that nothing is ever hopeless, especially with general anxiety disorder. Do not think that you can no longer have a happy and balanced life. With the right kind of help and program, you can get rid of your fears and anxiety. Thousands of people who though they were going to be a slave to this disorder have broken free and lead perfectly normal lives today and so can you.

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Panic Vs Anxiety Attack: Knowing the Difference

Everyone is affected by mental disorders. In fact, around 57.7 million American adults are diagnosed with mental disorders which are considered as the leading cause of incapacity in the United States. Other disorders diagnosed include alcoholism, bipolar disorder, depression and schizophrenia. But the most common are panic and anxiety attacks.

While both are dubbed as the most common mental disorder, both terms are often used interchangeably. But what is the real difference between panic vs. anxiety attack?

Panic Attacks

Panic vs. anxiety attack may be quite difficult to differentiate. But according to the National Institute of Mental Health, panic disorder indeed falls under anxiety disorder. Approximately six million adults have panic disorder which is often seen during early adulthood and extends throughout. Additionally, a person with panic disorder also develops agoraphobia or the fear of being in a place wherein escape is impossible.

The so-called panic disorder is the reason behind panic attacks or the sudden fear for no specific reason. This is unpredictable and happens when one least expect it. When a person experiences an episode of panic attack, his fear intensifies causing him to lose control. The sense of terror is accompanied by chest pain, inability to breathe properly, nausea and palpitations.

With all the factors combined, it can make the sufferer think that he is dying. In addition, panic attacks usually occur and intensify when a person is stressed out. This means that a patient must undergo proper medication and therapy. These can help improve a sufferer's condition since the attacks may reoccur in the future.

Anxiety Attack

Anxiety attack, on the other hand, is a wide range of apprehensive and fearful emotions. Around 40 million adults suffer from anxiety disorder. Most of them experience another form of anxiety disorder such as generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and phobias. In addition, the first episode of anxiety disorder was experienced at the early age of 21.

Furthermore, this may be caused by an event in a person's life or a problem that one cannot forget. This may also be due to a person's feeling about life. Additionally, a person may be aware that he is anxious or is not fully aware. A person may experience anxiety in certain times of his life but there are those that experience them more than once.

During acute cases, the attacks may suddenly happen accompanied by chills, difficulty breathing, palpitations and other physical symptom. But this will last for only a few minutes. Moreover, Sigmund Freud, an Austrian neurologist believed that there are three basic causes of anxiety namely: anxiety about losing an important person or loved one, anxiety about castration and anxiety about one's place in the world. Some of these may disappear but other may be resolved with professional help.

Above are the differences between panic vs. anxiety attack. Indeed, the most common mental disorders can affect a person's daily activities. In order to avoid any hassles, a simple trip to the hospital is the best solution. Following doctor's order as well as undergoing medication and treatment can make a patient feel better and soon move on.

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How To Stop Anxiety - Exposing The Truth About 'Panic Away'

Nowadays, a lot of people are suffering from panic attacks. This is due to the increasing stimulus found almost everywhere at every time. However, I recently found out that there is a new solution to this predicament. One man, by the name of Barry McDonagh, discovered a natural technique to help stop panic attacks and general anxiety fast. He called the method Panic Away and to date it has helped over 150,000 people in 32 countries.

The method was developed by Barry McDonagh himself. He used to suffer from frequent panic attacks and GAD or the General Anxiety Disorder. According to him, some would not think that it is even possible to have a natural way of relief from panic attack. But amazingly, Barry developed a simple technique based on advanced psychology. He is happy to share his developments with those who, like him, are suffering from panic attacks.

First of all, one has to know the signs and symptoms if you think you have the condition. First off is the feeling of having a heart attack and tightness in the chest. There is also that feeling of nervousness and fear, especially if you are in an enclosed area or space such as traffic, supermarkets, cinemas or public transports. You are always paranoid about everything, even with normal situations, and sometimes you have the feeling that you might go insane and lose yourself. If you have such symptoms, you are sure to be experiencing a panic attack.

The technique does not need you to follow complicated steps, nor does it need deep breathing exercises, positive affirmations or distraction. It is a very simple technique that you can do even when you are performing your usual and normal activities. You can even do it anywhere you want to - could be at home, at work or even when you are hanging out with peers. The technique does not include hypnosis as some techniques do. It is one which includes the cognitive area, developed from traditional psychology.

The technique works not only for those who have just recently suffered panic attacks, but it also applies to those who have suffered long general anxiety. The main goal of the program is for clients to break away from the cycle of experiencing anxiety. Eventually, it encourages the person to be free from the fear of experiencing anxiety and return to normal everyday living. In addition, Panic Away does not require you to recall past events that might have stimulated anxiety. Over and above, the technique is client friendly.

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Natural Cures for Panic Attacks - What Are They?

People experience panic attacks at least once in their lifetime. This is a sudden terror due to unknown causes. Some say that it is triggered by stress from family, work, a problem or simply life. When panic attacks occur, it is usually followed by nausea, suffocation and sweating. Indeed, the condition is a little frightening.

Since there is a possibility that it will occur more than one on a certain person, there are medications and therapies prescribed by doctors. However, some may be allergic and refuse to take medications. Fortunately, there are natural cures for panic attacks.

Undergoing natural cures for panic attacks is both effective and safe. In fact, some of the herbal treatments have been used for a long time.

The first natural cure is engaging in exercises. This is the most common and easiest way to relax the mind and achieve a healthy body.

Second is taking herbal supplements. There is a variety of herbs suitable for panic attacks. Below is a list of the herbs; however, not all are suitable for everyone. If one decides to take one, it is essential to consult a physician and choose supplements with FDA approval.

• Kava Herb

Kava kava or Piper methysticum has been used in ancient China. This herb is rich in kavalactones that calms the senses treating anxiety and insomnia. It also improves concentration and enhances memory of a patient. However, it should not be taken daily because it may cause damage to liver. It should only be taken if necessary. Most importantly, it should not be taken by pregnant women because it may affect their condition.

• Lavender Essential Oil

Aromatherapy oil is beneficial in reducing stress. Sniffing a little dose of lavender essential oil sprayed on a handkerchief is a great way to calm the nerves and prevent panic attack. One can also spray a few on the pillow for a good night sleep.

• Passion Flower

Passionflower or Passiflora incarnata is an herb which came from a woody vine that yields berries called as grandilla. The flowers, leaves as well as the upper part which consist flavonoids are commonly used. The plant is native in North America and has been used by the Aztecs and Europeans for medicinal purposes. This offers relief from anxiety, insomnia mood swings and tension by maintaining a balanced emotional state.

• Valerian

Other natural cures for panic attacks include valerian. This is a traditional herbal medicine that was used since second century A.D. According to studies, this herb increases gamma aminobutyric acid or GABA which decreases anxiety. This in turn soothes the nerves and alleviates anxiety and other symptoms. Valerian can be taken in the form of capsule, tablet or as a tea drink.

• St. John's Wort

When St. John's Wort or Hypericum perforatum is taken, it increases serotonin which helps improve a person's mood. This means that high levels of serotonin lessen anxiety and all of its symptoms. Though it can treat panic attacks, it can upset the stomach and cause dizziness. It is best to consult a physician for the right dose to avoid health problems.

Jumat, 03 Februari 2012

Tips on How to Control Panic Attacks - Read More About It

Sudden fear rises followed by chest pain, derealization, depersonalization, nausea, palpitation, shortness of breath and the fear of dying. These are only a few of the factors that a person with panic disorder undergoes. These clearly show how difficult it is for someone in this condition to stay calm and control his feelings.

Indeed, panic attacks are no joke. It is a serious disorder that may disrupt daily activities. To avoid hassles, it is essential to know how to control panic attacks since it may happen more than once and unexpectedly.

Understanding the condition - Before knowing the relief, it is important to understand the condition. To do this, consulting a doctor is the first thing. Follow the instructions given and regularly take the medications prescribed. Besides understanding, acceptance is also important to help a patient control the intense emotion and physical sufferings.

Taking medications - Upon consulting the doctor, medications are usually prescribed. The patient must take the medication. Though it will not entirely cure the disorder, it can control the symptoms. For instance, antidepressants are commonly prescribed to treat depression. While selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, the newest antidepressants help brain cells communicate. If these or other drugs are not taken, then the symptoms will worsen causing more pain.

Undergoing stress management - Undergoing aerobics, jogging, walking and meditation is a great way on how to control panic attacks. These activities can help release the intense emotion without hurting oneself or other people. It also helps calm the nerves and control the senses.

Joining support group - It is always better to talk to someone who understands how one exactly feels. There may be a small support group in the community willing to listen, help and share their problems and achievements. In today's digital age, there are also online forums that can be visited to share experiences. However, be cautious in choosing sites and forums. But the best option one should consider is talking to a family member, a close friend or health professionals who will listen and help without judging.

These are only a few of the ways to help a sufferer control the symptoms. But when a person undergoes an attack, below are ways on how to control panic attacks.
Deep breathing - This is the simplest way to control panic attacks. Breathing slowly and deeply calms the senses. Make sure that one is sitting or lying down comfortably and do not overdo it.

Think positively - It is often difficult to control thoughts during an attack. However, it is essential to think positively. Put in mind that one will not die and will be able to surpass the challenge. One can also, think of a happy thought. Being in a good mood can help transform fear or terror into calmness and steadiness.

Engage in activities - During panic attacks, emotions are heightened. To decrease the intensity, releasing emotions through painting and drawing is a good alternative. Other activities include fast walking and jogging. These activities keep one's mind off fear and terror. It releases anger, stress and other negative emotions soothing the nervous system.

Kamis, 02 Februari 2012

Home Remedy for Panic Attacks

Around 40 million Americans aged 18 years and older experience panic attacks. This is a sudden intense fear taking its peak within 10 minutes. It may last longer making the sufferer think that he is dying. The attack may happen once; however, there are chances that the attack will reoccur.

There is no need to worry because it is treatable. Unfortunately, only one-third of the sufferers seek medication due to the amount of money and time needed. People suffering from panic attacks need to visit their doctor more than three times. Moreover, they are likely to be hospitalized more than six times.

To avoid undergoing expensive treatments and trips to the doctor, the people close to the sufferer or the sufferer himself should consider the list of home remedy for panic attacks stated below.

• Breathing into a paper bag

Breathing in and out of a paper bag is the oldest and most common home remedy for panic attacks. However, there are controversies surrounding the use of this method because of the negative effects it may bring. Instead of alleviating the symptoms, it lowers oxygen levels and increases carbon dioxide, which worsens panic attacks.

The truth is the method has a short-term effectiveness. But, it can actually help stabilize the carbon dioxide level in the bloodstream. It also slows down intense breathing and relaxes hyperventilation. These positive effects only happen if the sufferer does it properly. When breathing into a paper bag, make sure that both nose and mouth are covered. Then breathe 10 times alternately into and out. After this, breathe normally without the paper bag for 15 seconds. Make sure not to overdo it.

• Stress management

According to research, anxiety attacks are triggered by a difficult situation where a person cannot escape. Continued attacks may cause the sufferer to be violent especially when others attempt to control him. But there are some attacks that subside after a few hours.

To control the intense emotions, the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) advised people to undergo stress management techniques. Aerobic and other exercises such as jogging, swimming, fast walking and sports can help relieve panic attacks.

First it releases endorphins that help calm a person. Second, it promotes neurogenesis that helps produce new brain cells and that helps the brain function normally. Lastly, it exercises a person brain improving memory and increasing attention span. To properly achieve the benefits, perform a 20 minute exercise four times a week.

• Taking in supplements

Another home remedy for panic attacks is to take in supplements such as Vitamin B. In fact, many sufferers are Vitamin B deficient. Vitamin B deficiency symptoms include anxiety, fatigue, emotional instability, irritability and restlessness which cause panic attacks.

Taking in such supplement alleviates the symptoms and prevents anxiety attacks. Not only that, it also lessens stress and promotes proper nerve function. Besides vitamin B, B6, calcium and magnesium should also be taken on a regular basis. Make sure that this is combined with proper diet and exercises as stated above.

Rabu, 01 Februari 2012

Panic Attack Relief - Get to Know Them

Panic attacks can be violent and may last for a long period but may subside after a few hours. According to studies, a person who experienced an episode or episodes of anxiety attack felt disconnected. They cannot identify reality but can feel the sudden intense fear. This is accompanied by extreme pounding of the heart depriving them of oxygen and control. The sufferer also feels faint and numb.

These clearly prove that anxiety attack is not a simple condition. But, it can be treated if a person suffering from it undergoes proper medication. Moreover, this may occur when one least expect it. For instance, it may occur in the middle of the night when everyone is already resting. There will be no one to help. Indeed, it is essential to be equipped with knowledge of panic attack relief that one can do alone.

Deep breathing - There is no definite time when a panic attack will occur. When it does, choose a comfortable position. Make sure to loosen clothing to help in the breathing exercise. Second is sit down or lie down comfortably and close the eyes. Closing the eyes helps keep one's focus. Then, inhale deeply and slowly through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Repeat the process a few times.

Relaxing muscles - It may appear easy. But for people suffering an episode of panic attack, it is difficult. To do this panic attack relief, focus on one body part at a time starting with the hands. Slowly close and open both hands for a few minutes. Then move to the next body part such as the arms. Contract the arms by moving both hands closer to the chest. Next part is tensing the feet muscles. Slowly move the feet upward and downward. Repeat the process a few times if needed.

Changing environment - There are times wherein a person experience anxiety attacks due to its surroundings. Consider transferring to a healthy environment. It may be the neighborhood or the office environment that triggers panic attacks. On the other hand, when experiencing anxiety attack in the bedroom, it may be best to move to another part of the house. The sufferer may perform breathing exercises and relaxing the muscles in the other room.

Engage in different activities - Panic attacks are a sudden fear of something. Engaging in fast walking or jogging can reduce adrenaline rush brought by the sudden fear. This will allow the body to react normally. But if one is not a fan of sports, painting is also a good panic attack relief.

To do so, simply release the negative emotions through drawing, painting, sculpting even writing. Since the main goal is to release all the negativities, undergoing in different activities is a good and positive way to release stress, anger and fear.

Imagining & Remembering - While sitting or lying down comfortably, try to imagine a positive atmosphere perhaps a pristine beach or magical woodland. Make sure that one is able to control the positive imagination. Remembering, on the other hand, is also a great way to calm the nerves. Remember a happy moment with family and friends or a great accomplishment.