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Home Remedy for Panic Attacks

Around 40 million Americans aged 18 years and older experience panic attacks. This is a sudden intense fear taking its peak within 10 minutes. It may last longer making the sufferer think that he is dying. The attack may happen once; however, there are chances that the attack will reoccur.

There is no need to worry because it is treatable. Unfortunately, only one-third of the sufferers seek medication due to the amount of money and time needed. People suffering from panic attacks need to visit their doctor more than three times. Moreover, they are likely to be hospitalized more than six times.

To avoid undergoing expensive treatments and trips to the doctor, the people close to the sufferer or the sufferer himself should consider the list of home remedy for panic attacks stated below.

• Breathing into a paper bag

Breathing in and out of a paper bag is the oldest and most common home remedy for panic attacks. However, there are controversies surrounding the use of this method because of the negative effects it may bring. Instead of alleviating the symptoms, it lowers oxygen levels and increases carbon dioxide, which worsens panic attacks.

The truth is the method has a short-term effectiveness. But, it can actually help stabilize the carbon dioxide level in the bloodstream. It also slows down intense breathing and relaxes hyperventilation. These positive effects only happen if the sufferer does it properly. When breathing into a paper bag, make sure that both nose and mouth are covered. Then breathe 10 times alternately into and out. After this, breathe normally without the paper bag for 15 seconds. Make sure not to overdo it.

• Stress management

According to research, anxiety attacks are triggered by a difficult situation where a person cannot escape. Continued attacks may cause the sufferer to be violent especially when others attempt to control him. But there are some attacks that subside after a few hours.

To control the intense emotions, the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) advised people to undergo stress management techniques. Aerobic and other exercises such as jogging, swimming, fast walking and sports can help relieve panic attacks.

First it releases endorphins that help calm a person. Second, it promotes neurogenesis that helps produce new brain cells and that helps the brain function normally. Lastly, it exercises a person brain improving memory and increasing attention span. To properly achieve the benefits, perform a 20 minute exercise four times a week.

• Taking in supplements

Another home remedy for panic attacks is to take in supplements such as Vitamin B. In fact, many sufferers are Vitamin B deficient. Vitamin B deficiency symptoms include anxiety, fatigue, emotional instability, irritability and restlessness which cause panic attacks.

Taking in such supplement alleviates the symptoms and prevents anxiety attacks. Not only that, it also lessens stress and promotes proper nerve function. Besides vitamin B, B6, calcium and magnesium should also be taken on a regular basis. Make sure that this is combined with proper diet and exercises as stated above.

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