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Panic Attack Relief - Get to Know Them

Panic attacks can be violent and may last for a long period but may subside after a few hours. According to studies, a person who experienced an episode or episodes of anxiety attack felt disconnected. They cannot identify reality but can feel the sudden intense fear. This is accompanied by extreme pounding of the heart depriving them of oxygen and control. The sufferer also feels faint and numb.

These clearly prove that anxiety attack is not a simple condition. But, it can be treated if a person suffering from it undergoes proper medication. Moreover, this may occur when one least expect it. For instance, it may occur in the middle of the night when everyone is already resting. There will be no one to help. Indeed, it is essential to be equipped with knowledge of panic attack relief that one can do alone.

Deep breathing - There is no definite time when a panic attack will occur. When it does, choose a comfortable position. Make sure to loosen clothing to help in the breathing exercise. Second is sit down or lie down comfortably and close the eyes. Closing the eyes helps keep one's focus. Then, inhale deeply and slowly through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Repeat the process a few times.

Relaxing muscles - It may appear easy. But for people suffering an episode of panic attack, it is difficult. To do this panic attack relief, focus on one body part at a time starting with the hands. Slowly close and open both hands for a few minutes. Then move to the next body part such as the arms. Contract the arms by moving both hands closer to the chest. Next part is tensing the feet muscles. Slowly move the feet upward and downward. Repeat the process a few times if needed.

Changing environment - There are times wherein a person experience anxiety attacks due to its surroundings. Consider transferring to a healthy environment. It may be the neighborhood or the office environment that triggers panic attacks. On the other hand, when experiencing anxiety attack in the bedroom, it may be best to move to another part of the house. The sufferer may perform breathing exercises and relaxing the muscles in the other room.

Engage in different activities - Panic attacks are a sudden fear of something. Engaging in fast walking or jogging can reduce adrenaline rush brought by the sudden fear. This will allow the body to react normally. But if one is not a fan of sports, painting is also a good panic attack relief.

To do so, simply release the negative emotions through drawing, painting, sculpting even writing. Since the main goal is to release all the negativities, undergoing in different activities is a good and positive way to release stress, anger and fear.

Imagining & Remembering - While sitting or lying down comfortably, try to imagine a positive atmosphere perhaps a pristine beach or magical woodland. Make sure that one is able to control the positive imagination. Remembering, on the other hand, is also a great way to calm the nerves. Remember a happy moment with family and friends or a great accomplishment.

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