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Tips on How to Control Panic Attacks - Read More About It

Sudden fear rises followed by chest pain, derealization, depersonalization, nausea, palpitation, shortness of breath and the fear of dying. These are only a few of the factors that a person with panic disorder undergoes. These clearly show how difficult it is for someone in this condition to stay calm and control his feelings.

Indeed, panic attacks are no joke. It is a serious disorder that may disrupt daily activities. To avoid hassles, it is essential to know how to control panic attacks since it may happen more than once and unexpectedly.

Understanding the condition - Before knowing the relief, it is important to understand the condition. To do this, consulting a doctor is the first thing. Follow the instructions given and regularly take the medications prescribed. Besides understanding, acceptance is also important to help a patient control the intense emotion and physical sufferings.

Taking medications - Upon consulting the doctor, medications are usually prescribed. The patient must take the medication. Though it will not entirely cure the disorder, it can control the symptoms. For instance, antidepressants are commonly prescribed to treat depression. While selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, the newest antidepressants help brain cells communicate. If these or other drugs are not taken, then the symptoms will worsen causing more pain.

Undergoing stress management - Undergoing aerobics, jogging, walking and meditation is a great way on how to control panic attacks. These activities can help release the intense emotion without hurting oneself or other people. It also helps calm the nerves and control the senses.

Joining support group - It is always better to talk to someone who understands how one exactly feels. There may be a small support group in the community willing to listen, help and share their problems and achievements. In today's digital age, there are also online forums that can be visited to share experiences. However, be cautious in choosing sites and forums. But the best option one should consider is talking to a family member, a close friend or health professionals who will listen and help without judging.

These are only a few of the ways to help a sufferer control the symptoms. But when a person undergoes an attack, below are ways on how to control panic attacks.
Deep breathing - This is the simplest way to control panic attacks. Breathing slowly and deeply calms the senses. Make sure that one is sitting or lying down comfortably and do not overdo it.

Think positively - It is often difficult to control thoughts during an attack. However, it is essential to think positively. Put in mind that one will not die and will be able to surpass the challenge. One can also, think of a happy thought. Being in a good mood can help transform fear or terror into calmness and steadiness.

Engage in activities - During panic attacks, emotions are heightened. To decrease the intensity, releasing emotions through painting and drawing is a good alternative. Other activities include fast walking and jogging. These activities keep one's mind off fear and terror. It releases anger, stress and other negative emotions soothing the nervous system.

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